Welcome to Mrs Cartwright's class!

Mrs Cartwright - Class Teacher

Mrs Bibby - Teaching Assistant

Miss Royale- Teaching Assistant

We will work together to ensure we all reach our full potential.

In year 5 we strive to be great role models for the rest of the school. We see it as our responsibility to help our community and contribute to the well-being of all.

Our value this half term is... Service

All children should bring their iPads into school every day. These should be fully charged.

Please also ensure that your child has their PE kit every Wednesday and Thursday. Earrings must be removed before PE lessons.

Our Class Book...


Every Friday, children will receive a piece of homework, along with their spellings.

Homework will usually be Maths, English or Topic based, which will link in with the work that we have been learning in lessons. We are hoping that this will help to consolidate children's learning.

It is really important that homework is completed by the following Friday to allow all children's performance to be analysed.

In keeping with the fast and growing development of technology, all homework set will be available for children to access via their personal iPad  (on Showbie). 

Whilst we greatly appreciate any support from parents, we strongly advise that parents allow and encourage their children to continue to work completely independently when carrying out any tasks on Century Tech - The reason being that, this software will respond automatically to the needs of each individual. Century Tech has the facility to adjust children's flight paths brilliantly; to address any areas of development, in addition to providing suitable challenge.  

Spelling tests will take place every Friday. 

Reading Challenge:

As a school, we expect all children to make a conscious effort to read regularly at home.

In Year 5, the children will be responsible for updating their reading book themselves, ensuring they bring it home and return to school each day. We encourage you to read with your child as frequently as possible, aiming for at least three times each week. 

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